DSK Toyota

DSK Toyota marked its beginning way back in 2000 with the inauguration of its first showroom by the Late Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi.

Although DSK Toyota is today a young company with multiple global collaborations, it is still well bound by the strengths of its simplicity and spiritual connect which it truly believes in. Even after 15 years of rapid growth and expansion, that has created a network unmatched by any of its competitors in the region, the customer's smile value and satisfaction precedes top lines and bottom lines for DSK Toyota. The fact is very evident as most new customers and repeat buyers for Toyota products show a preference towards DSK Toyota dealerships.

DSK Toyota leads due to its innate ability to adapt techno innovations to enhance customer satisfaction by cutting down turnaround time. Its classy showrooms blend product experience with engagement to take patron participation to a whole new level.

DSK Toyota was established with a challenging mission on hand , to provide a DSK Toyota facility every 100 kms along the Pune-Bengaluru highway. DSK Group CMD D S Kulkarni set the tone for this mission and powered by his entrepreneurial streak coupled with his razor sharp business acumen , Dealer Principal and Chairman DSK Toyota, Shirish Kulkarni now seeks to revise that challenge to every 50 kms.

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